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News fatigue?

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This talks about a study conducted about 2 year ago, introducing an interesting concept of “news fatigue.” It has much to do with new style of new consumption such as multi-tasking among the young. Who suffer more from the news fatigue and any solution for that?

That effort includes what The AP calls "1-2-3 filing," starting with a news alert headline for breaking news, followed by a short present-tense report that is usable on the Web and by broadcasters. The third step is to add details and format stories in ways most appropriate for various news platforms.

Young adults suffering from news fatigue, study says – The New York Times


FRONTLINE: digital nation: press release | PBS

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FRONTLINE: digital nation: press release | PBS

Book Review–Coming Soon

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The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation is Reshaping American Politics (Paperback)
by Russell J. Dalton (Author)