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How People Watch – The Global State of Video Consumption

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Report: How People Watch – The Global State of Video Consumption | Nielsen Wire


Rethinking the Role of the Journalist in the Participatory Age

In Audience, Journalism, New Media on July 26, 2010 at 10:14 am

Alfred Hermida urges both the news consuming (also producing) public and the journalists to rethink the role of the journalist. I am glad to find this because i just started to design a research to investigate this issue:

Journalism developed as a relatively closed culture for the production of knowledge, based on a system of editorial control. Yet new media are characterized by their connected and collaborative nature. The challenge for journalism, and the journalist, is to find a place along the continuum between control and connection, and between a closed and a collaborative media culture.

MediaShift . Rethinking the Role of the Journalist in the Participatory Age | PBS

News fatigue?

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This talks about a study conducted about 2 year ago, introducing an interesting concept of “news fatigue.” It has much to do with new style of new consumption such as multi-tasking among the young. Who suffer more from the news fatigue and any solution for that?

That effort includes what The AP calls "1-2-3 filing," starting with a news alert headline for breaking news, followed by a short present-tense report that is usable on the Web and by broadcasters. The third step is to add details and format stories in ways most appropriate for various news platforms.

Young adults suffering from news fatigue, study says – The New York Times

The push for paywalls mischaracterizes the nature of online newspaper readership

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An article that discusses why paywalls for online newspaper would not be a good idea. The conclusion is based on the reality of online newspaper readership in local market only. Of course, news industry could launch a tiered payment system as the CJR article indicated

The push for paywalls mischaracterizes the nature of online newspaper readership — AEJMC Hot Topics

Should news organizations give the audience what it wants?

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Swap out “news organization” for “company” and “audience” for “customers” and the question seems absurd. But journalists have traditionally considered it a core principle that the audience’s taste should not be the sole guiding force behind news judgment. Coverage based on clicks is a race to the bottom, a path to slideshows of Michelle Obama’s arms and celebrity perp walks, right?


Could giving readers more of what they want mean both good journalism and a stronger bottom line? The two won’t line up every time, but it’s useful to remember that “what the audience wants” doesn’t always match the stereotype.

“What the audience wants” isn’t always junk journalism » Nieman Journalism Lab