Ambient Media Association (AMEA)’s CFP

In CFP on July 13, 2010 at 10:09 am

An interesting concept and organization: “Ambient Media”

Description of the Workshop

The medium is the message! And the message was transmitted via a single distinguishable media such as television, the Web, the radio, or books. In the age of ubiquitous and pervasive computation, where the information through a distributed interlinked network of devices the question, “what is content in the age of ambient media?” becomes more and more of importance. Ambient media are embedded throughout the natural environment of the consumer – in his home, in his car, in restaurants, and on his mobile device. Predominant example services are smart wallpapers in homes, location based services, RFID based entertainment services for children, or intelligent homes. The distribution of the medium throughout the natural environment implies a paradigm change of how to think about content. Until recently, content was identified as single entities to information – a video stream, audio stream, TV broadcast. However, in the age of ambient media, the notion of content extends from the single entity thinking towards a plethora of sensor networks, smart devices, personalized services, and media embedded in the natural environment of the user. The user actively participates and co-designs media experience with his location based input. Initiatives as the smart Web considering location based tagging for web-pages underline this development. This multidisciplinary workshop aims to answer to the challenges how to select, compose, and generate ambient content; how to present ambient content?; how to re-use ambient content and learning experiences?; what is the characteristics of ambient media, its content, and technology?; and what are ambient media in terms of story-telling and art? And finally, how do ambient media create business and value? How can ambient media be integrated into business processes and strategies? Semantics plays a crucial role in the generation of ambient media content. It can be seen as the glue between the raw data and the ambient media. Therefore we are interested to see innovative ideas how data can be (semi-)automatically be interpreted and translated into media presentations. The workshop aims at a series, and at the creation of a think-tank of creative thinkers coming from technology, art, human-computer interaction, and social sciences, that are interested in glimpsing the future of semantic ambient intelligent empowered media technology.

Ambient Media Association (AMEA)


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